How to Win Over Your Colleagues?

We spend a minimum of 8 hours per day in our office. It will not be wrong to say that office is our second home with our colleagues as family members. But how many of us feel like the same in reality?

A reality check of each big or small workplace reveals that employees are struggling between the balance of work, colleagues, and targets.

Let us help you with the quick tricks on how you can win over your colleagues and can become a perfect work partner to every employee of your organization:

  • Observe and then react

This is the best strategy if you have newly joined a place. You are new to the organization and you must wait until you start flowing in the process. Reacting before observing the behavior of your colleagues can land you in serious trouble!

  • Show your friendly side

A smiley face attracts everyone. Show your friendly side to your co-workers. Spend some time with them during breaks, discuss your likings and disliking. Try to strike a common cord. Nothing matches the situation if you can be a friend to your co-worker.

  • Learn when to step out

If getting involved in the discussion is important, equally important is your withdrawal from an unimportant discussion. You may not be related in the discussion but your involvement may raise questions. So, it is better to trip at the right time.

  • You are not comfortable, let them know

This is the root cause of problems at the workplace. Do not discuss your problems related to a specific colleague to other co-workers but let that person know directly if you are not comfortable with any of his behavior. It is the only, who has to understand. Nothing works better than having a detailed and confidential discussion that aims to remove all misunderstandings.

  • Don’t use bitching as your tool

People often say that they started bitching because other colleagues were into it and they had no common topic. Please don’t fool yourself. Bitching can never be a common chord and don’t try to strike a one as well.

  • Be open to constructive feedback

Let your colleagues know that you are open to having constructive feedback for your personal growth. It will not only strengthen your image in their minds but also develops your whole as an efficient worker.

  • Be a source of motivation

You may encourage your co-workers when they are feeling low. It may be a slow business or a personnel problem; all you have to do is shower some positivity on your co-workers so that they can get out of the situation with ease. Workplaces are the places to learn, grow, and rise together with your colleagues.

If you want to win over your colleagues, it is best to start with observation, an involvement that can progress to discussions and appreciations. A token of thanks to your colleagues is the best way to win their hearts!