RangeXTD – A True Value for Your Money!

Have you heard about the popular Wi-Fi booster and range extender RangeXTD? It is a compact and effective solution to all of the possible internet solutions at your place. Let us review if RangeXTD is worth its cost or not?

RangeXTD Price:

The cost of RangeXTD is $99.90. It is provided to the customers by placing orders on the official website. While placing orders, the customers are eligible for multiple discounts. If you want to buy a single unit of RangeXTD, you will get it in $49.95 instead of $99.90, and that will include a free US plug. The “Double Your Range” offer of the company has 2 units of RangeXTD along with a US Plug and you have to give $99.90 only.

So, the company offers 2 units of RangeXTD along with one US plug at the cost price of a single RangeXTD unit! Isn’t it amazing?

If you want to buy 3 units of RangeXTD then you can go for the “Triple Your Range” package of the company that is available in $112.39 only. The 4 units of RangeXTD are offered under the concise rate with the name of package “Maximize Your Range” at $149.85 only.

So, in short, you can conclude the following savings:

  • You save $49.95 if you buy a single RangeXTD.
  • You save $99.90 if you buy 2 units of RangeXTD.
  • You save $117.31 if you buy 3 units of RangeXTD.
  • You save $249.75 if you buy 4 units of RangeXTD.

Along with all of these direct discount offers, you are eligible for an additional $10 discount off on your second purchase through the official website of RangeXTD.

Still, not sure about buying RangeXTD?

Don’t worry! Each RangeXTD is secured with a 30-days money-back guarantee that is offered by the manufacturer. So, just in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can simply return it to the company and can get your money back. But chances are rare that you will ever return this powerful device to the company.

We don’t say alone, everybody is saying the same!

It is wise to check the reviews of the product before buying, isn’t it? When you search online about the reviews of the existing customers of RangeXTD, you will be happy to see the sea of highly positive results and 100% customer satisfaction.

Not on one portal, or two portals but all of the platforms share the same view about the working and efficiency of RangeXTD. People term it as a miracle device, an amazing product, the best technological invention to date, and what else not? Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on vague ideas and scams. If you are looking to find a permanent solution to the internet dead zones and weak signals at your place, go grab a RangeXTD for you! It is a real value for money as it works hard to deliver consistent performance throughout its usable life!